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The Hero The Hero (TNT) Series Trailer - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson " :
Centennial Bridge, Panama associate degree overcast, wet day at the tip of February. Commuters drive by, swiftness down, honking their horns at the sight of associate degree emotional, psychological feature incitement between Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and contender Darnell raincoat, a hubby from Washington who's uprooted his life so as to trip Central America and participate in death-defying challenges as a part of TNT's new reality series, The Hero - that premieres Thursday, June sixth on trinitrotoluene.
I weekday by the edge, back with the assembly crew, as Johnson inspired Darnell to try to to the on the face of it impossible: travel many feet to the terribly high of the bridge and so repel down, swinging dead set grab clues to a riddle on the manner. A riddle he'll then ought to with success answer once he reaches very cheap. Oh yeah, and there is a point in time.
The rock

And like most reality competition shows, there ar personalities you root for and people you root against. Darnell was somebody that everybody on the solid, crew and visiting press (like myself) was ontogenesis for. therefore it absolutely was kind of a twist on the recent parental proverb "If everybody jumped off a bridge, would you?" With the addition of "Yes, you'd if The Rock told you that you would be nice at it."

"I wear plenty of hats on the show," Johnson told American state. "Host. Coach. Mentor. Ass-kicker. Motivator. Supporter. And this is often all innovative, by the way, therefore what i am realizing is that it's nice that I've had the chance to play ten years of soccer. as a result of there ar plenty of things that ar sports-related that carry up here. It's one factor to ascertain your role on paper, however i assumed 'This goes to be my show and i am reaching to function its host, therefore i need to try to to additional.' therefore we tend to all thought of however we tend to might expand that role in order that i am not simply giving the audience data. I wished to deeply connect with the solid. With the competitors. In ways in which alternative hosts do not."
During my visit to Panama, i used to be able to witness the assembly of The Hero initial hand, together with the fights, the tears, the thrill and also the redemption that accompany associate degree showing emotion exhausting obstacle journey series that includes players from all walks of life: A Dr., a SWAT squad member, a cheerleader, a wrestler, and a mother WHO works 5 jobs among others.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson 
"I wished to urge into tv for a protracted time," Johnson explained. "I did not essentially need to try to to a reality show, however I wished to urge into TV and begin manufacturing tv shows and grow from there. and since of that, we tend to all weekday down and commenced having these high level discussions. Then we tend to connected with mount Silverman [Executive Producer of the The workplace and also the Biggest Loser] and he same 'I have the show for you. It's excellent.' And it absolutely was The Hero."
As somebody not excessively at home with the blueprints of most reality competition shows, i am going to attempt to break down The Hero as best I will. All players ar competitive for a money pot of cash at the end; a pot that may grow in dollar quantity anytime a challenge is completed. The team conjointly votes members into solo "Hero Challenges" for an opportunity to grow the pot, supported WHO they assume has the simplest probability of with success finishing the daredevil-type task. The snag here is that the players even have the chance - once finishing associate degree obstacle in person - to pocket the obstacle prize rather than growing the pot. Basically, they'll take some cash currently, with no repercussions, no obtaining commenced the show, knowing that they solely have an opportunity of maybe/perhaps winning the whole game at the tip.
The rock

"The temptation side may be a terribly intriguing side to the show," Johnson same, along with his trademark grin. "It's one among the additional vital elements of this project. as a result of there is a duality at play with the money temptations. therefore if someone's reaching to take a proposal - for instance we tend to had a contestant take $35,000 yesterday - it mechanically causes major drama with the remainder of the cluster. and you have seen it all unfold initial hand. We've had 2 folks take the provide thus far, one last week and one in the week, however they are still on the show. they're going to ought to chance to inform the cluster, and every one of America, why they did it. And generally it will simply be as a result of somebody wished the money. As in 'I'm here to create cash. I saw the chance and that i took it.' then again there ar moments wherever the one who takes the money very, urgently desires that cash back home. And it leads the show into some nice discussion points and gets the cluster talking regarding fellow feeling, and perhaps returning to associate degree understanding of why somebody did what they did."
Trailer of The Hero :

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