Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sheds goofball cocoon to emerge as serious-actor butterfly in Not Without Hope

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the pro-wrestler-turned-Scorpion-King-turned-Fast-and-Furious-regular is taking on a new mantle:

serious actor. Johnson can take the lead in a very film adaptation of Nick Schuyler's bestselling memoir, Not while not Hope. Schuyler was a former school participant on a fishing trip with 3 of his buddies—two of whom had created it to the NFL—when their boat capsized, stranding the four men confused.

Johnson was busy this year .....

The rock " G.I "

Johnson was busy this year, with appearances in Snitch, G.I. Joe: paying back, and quick And Furious vi, among others. however when serving to fellow action-movie stalwart archangel Bay move in additional serious territory with Pain & Gain, the previous The Rock is trying to try to to additional dramatic roles. At this early stage, it's laborious to inform what is going to be additional difficult: forgoing his action-movie persona to inform a agonising story of private struggle against the weather, or a 41-year-old actor enjoying a then-24-year-old Schuyler. Of course, parliamentarian Redford's character all told Is Lost is twenty six, thus anything's doable.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Interview for G.I. JOE "Video " :

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