Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson WWE Entrance Video & Dwayne Johnson DEAD

The Rock WWE Entrance Video :

Dwayne Johnson DEAD : DEATH of The Rock Shocks World :

The rock
Finally, the Vinman is back on RSR and talking concerning my LEGENDARY friend, the Rock (Dwayne Johnson). Check this out. one in all these assclown, noodle dick, twat, LOSERS, wouldn’t understand a spirit if it harpooned them in their fat ass, keyboard individual simple FOOLS aforementioned that The Rock died. Really? Really? Nice strive fellas, however he’s alive and well and isn’t too happy concerning what you’re speech communication. YA HEARD!

I simply spoke to my friend, The Rock and he was steaming mad and said: “Finally, the Rock has return to talk along with his friend, the Vinman! I detected concerning these candy-ass items of crap speech communication that the Rock is dead. Well, the Rock isn't dead. The Rock is prepared to require these keyboard warriors and place them during a table till they’re pull wood out of their ass. If you smell what the Rock is cookery Vinman!” Well aforementioned Rock!

Now, i do know that a number of you FOOLS assume this is often simply smart fun, however imagine if his family and therefore the WWE fans saw those headlines? They’d be devastated! I actually have in agreement to trace the IPs (which I’m excellent at) and provides that info to the Rock thus he will all-time low those assclown noodle dicks as a result of he’s not the type of grappler that sits on his hands! YA HEARD!

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