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Dwayne Johnson is the top-grossing actor of the year :

Dwayne Johnson 
Dwayne Johnson is that the top-grossing actor of the year, in line with Forbes magazine. The wrestler-turned-actor asterisked in many blockbuster films throughout 2013 that helped him beat the competition.

Johnson's most notable film, "Fast & Furious six," earned $789 million worldwide. additionally, "G.I. Joe: revenge," "Pain & Gain" and "Snitch" grossed a complete of $1.3 billion at the worldwide box workplace.

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"Iron Man 3" star Henry Martyn Robert Downey Jr. came in second place. His superhero flick created a banging $1.2 billion this year, however it had been the sole film he created. In third place is Steve Carell, WHO asterisked in "Despicable Maine a pair of," "The method method Back" and "The unbelievable psychologist Wonderstone."

Johnson's "Fast & Furious" co-stars conjointly created the list - Vin Diesel came in fourth, whereas late star Paul Walker landed the sixth spot on the list.

The only girl on the highest 5 was Sandra Bullock, whose films "The Heat" and "Gravity" helped her take the fifth spot.

Forbes' high ten Highest-Grossing Actors of 2013.
1. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson - $1.3 billion
2. Robert Downey Jr. - $1.2 billion
3. Steve Carrell - $964 million
4. Vin Diesel - $887 million
5. Sandra Bullock - $862 million
6. Paul Walker - $789 million
7= Billy Crystal - $743 million
7 = John Goodman - $743 million
9. Chris Hemsworth - $701 million
10. Jennifer Lawrence - $700 million
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