Dwayne Johnson should survive in Not Without Hope & San Andreas 3D blockbuster

 "Not Without Hope"  film based on the memoirs of Nick Schuyler :

The rock

Dwayne Johnson can star in "Not while not Hope" from relativity theory Media, a movie supported the memoirs of Nick Schuyler.

Nick Schuyler recounts his fishing trip with 3 friends Marquis Cooper, Corey Smith and can Bleakley, within the Gulf of North American nation in 2009. What ought to be a unforgettable journey was a nightmare once their boat unsuccessful stumped over the hours and days, the four men have struggled to hold life, caressing the hope that relief can return for saving.

For the instant, no director or author is hooked up to the project. meantime the theatrical unleash of "Not while not Hope" Dwayne Johnson fans can see the actor on the massive screen in "Fast & Furious 7", which is able to be screened in theaters on Gregorian calendar month sixteen, 2014, followed by "Hercules', expected in theaters on August twenty.

Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas 3D blockbuster :

Dwaune johnson
Dwayne Johnson can collaborate once more with Brad Peyton, the director of " Journey to the middle of the world 2: The Mysterious Island " on the set of " San Andreas 3D ", the new apocalyptic blockbuster printing operation Cinema .

The story centers on a father ( Dwayne Johnson) United Nations agency travels to Golden State to avoid wasting his female offspring from a vast earthquake on the San Andreas Fault . The project was developed at printing operation Cinema since 2011 , once Allan physiologist (" The Switch ") has signed to rewrite the first script , originally written by Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore (" Special "). In 2012, Carlton Cuse (" Lost ") has joined the project to edit the script.

Shooting is regular to start within the half-moon of 2014 . Brad Peyton, Dwayne Johnson and turn outrs additionally commit to produce " Journey to the middle of the world three : From the world to the Moon " , which is able to be in development at printing operation when " San Andreas 3D" .

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