Someone told Dwayne Johnson he could be anything he wanted to be according to : gqindia

In an age when it's cooler to hate things than enjoy them, Dwayne Johnson has carved out an improbable niche for himself, as someone it's safe to like. In a moment of political ridiculousness, there's even the suddenly not ridiculous question of whether Dwayne Johnson might actually be headed for Washington. When you think about the distance Johnson has already travelled, the idea doesn't sound crazy. Despite the legacy, Johnson grew up poor; he speaks of his family's eviction from a one-room apartment as the formative experience of his adolescence. "[He] is as close to guaranteeing you butts in the seat as anybody can be," NBCUniversal vice chairman Ron Meyer told me.

Someone told Dwayne Johnson he could be anything he wanted to be
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Dwayne Johnson shares Rampage set video, tries Arnold Schwarzenegger accent

"Enjoy me completely butchering my best [Schwarzenegger] impression while on the set of #Rampage," Johnson captioned the footage. The Baywatch and Jumanji star posted a video to Instagram from rehearsals on the set of Rampage, in which he tries to channel Arnold Schwarzenegger — and, by his own admission, it doesn't go very well. #YoBigDawg #OnSet #Rampage 💪🏾 A post shared by therock (@therock) on Jun 25, 2017 at 10:16am PDTJohnson has shared other snapshots from the Rampage set in recent weeks, including one of him with costars Naomie Harris and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Dwayne Johnson may be a bona fide movie star, but he's still no Arnold. Enjoy me completely butchering my best @schwarzenegger impersonation while rehearsing on set of #Rampage.

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