Why Dwayne Johnson Refuses To Run Like Tom Cruise On The Set Of Rampage according to : CINEMABLEND

Why Dwayne Johnson Refuses To Run Like Tom Cruise On The Set Of Rampage By Dirk Libbey Dwayne Johnson and Tom Cruise are two of the biggest action movie stars in the history of the genre. The film adaptation of the classic arcade game Rampage will see Dwayne Johnson take on three massive Godzilla-like monsters. Tom Crusie runs a lot in his movies and that's probably why a day spent on the set of Rampage running from giant monsters made somebody compare The Rock to Tom Cruise. While shooting this running scene all day, one of our producers said 'Rock you're running like Tom Cruise in his movies.' We assume this will result in more than one major sequence of Johnson running away.

Why Dwayne Johnson Refuses To Run Like Tom Cruise On The Set Of Rampage
"Run The Rock 2020" could be a political joke or the first step in The Rock's political career. West Virginia resident Kenton Tilford officially filed papers with the Federal Elections Commission on Sunday to draft Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for United States President, The Hill's Robin Eberhardt reported Sunday, citing FEC records. If the FEC blesses the effort, Tilford's "Run The Rock 2020" organization could drum up support to help the former WWE star-turned actor to seek the presidency in the next election. Share this:TweetFans of "The Rock" are trying to take him to the highest of places. Whether Tilford and Johnson are connected is unknown.

Dwayne Johnson Wants You To Know He Doesn't Run Like Tom Cruise

Who do you think is better at running away from things, Tom Cruise or Dwayne Johnson? While that might've been convenient for Johnson, Cruise provided an impressive sequence that showcased his sprinting abilities to the max. WINNER: Dwayne JohnsonSo, with 3 out of 5, it looks like Tom Cruise is still the greatest speedster on the silver screen. Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson charged through his enemies with a club and a roar - and did it all in an even smaller skirt. (Source: Dwayne Johnson)

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