Jingle Bell Rock: Read EW's complete Dwayne Johnson cover story

Comic Con in late October to chants of "Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!" & every mention of any project you've ever been participate in elicits a roar. (His real name is Dwayne Johnson, however he'll answer to Dwayne, Rock, or DJ.) He probably indeed know where you're from & where you went to college because he likes to do his study. From the moment which right eyebrow arches skyward — it's always the right eyebrow — you know you're in perfect hands. The just child of a black dad (pro wrestler Rocky Johnson) & a Samoan mom, Johnson was a rebellious kid, getting catched multiple times.

Dwayne Johnson uncoverswhy he will not be running for America President

Dwayne Johnson uncoverswhy he will not be running for America PresidentThe Graham Norton display / YouTube Dwayne Johnson uncovered on The Graham Norton display the reason he's not will run for America President. Dwayne Johnson has disappointed the thousands of fans who need to see him run for America President. Jeff Spicer/Getty Dwayne Johnson has poured cold water on the prospects of him running for America President in 2020. READ further:* Dwayne Johnson reconsidering presidential pledge* The Rock tells a run for the America presidency is a 'real potential'* The Rock talks a aftertime in politics* Dwayne Johnson shares picture by Muhammad Ali in NZ* The Rock: Rugby's the toughest sport I ever playedNever short of a word himself, Hart replied by telling, "hundred per cent. Sony Pictures Entertainment Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is scheduled to unlock in NZ cinemas on Boxing Day.

Dwayne Johnson reveals why he won't be running for US President

Dwayne Johnson uncoversWhy He will not Run for President

according to It sounds such as Dwayne Johnson will not be running for president in 2020 after all. The actor was on The Graham Norton display , along by his Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle co-stars Kevin Hart & Jack Black, & he uncovered the reason he will not be running for election. while host Graham Norton brought up the political guess, the crowd cheered & Hart told everyone which it's only a "rumor" & not to "clap also loud." which's while Johnson uncovered the "crisis" he'd have if he ran for president is which Hart would "sabotage" the campaign.

Dwayne Johnson goes ape in Fresh Rampage picture

A version of this story appears in the premier Look issue of Entertainment every 7 days, on newsstands This time or obtainable here. As a 13-year-old in Hawaii, Dwayne Johnson kept all his quarters for 1 thing: a Rampage arcade game in the back of a pool hall. "I had no business in this pool hall, by How," he tells by a laugh. "I would hang out there during school hours & then truly late at night, & I'd not just be playing pool however too playing Rampage."3 decades later, Johnson is bringing which game to the large Monitor. It's a smash-'em-up monster movie in the vein of King Kong or Godzilla, however the film's core is the bond among Davis & George — a friendship Johnson could identify by.

Dwayne Johnson goes ape in new Rampage photo

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