Rock Daughter Simone Garcia Johnson Golden Globe Ambassador

however for Sunday's display , the position has been renamed to the Golden Globe Ambassador — & the organizers decided to go by true Hollywood (& potentially political) royalty: Simone Garcia Johnson, the 16-year-old daughter of the Rock. "I wish which 1 of the reasons the reason I was selected is because I do speak out on issues which some people are afraid to speak out on," Garcia Johnson said. The Times too notes which the renaming of the position from Miss Golden Globe to Golden Globe Ambassador reflects the award display 's move toward inclusivity. The Fresh role too expands beyond the ceremony itself, & going to have Garcia Johnson serving as an ambassador for the Hollywood Foreign Press's philanthropic efforts throughout the year. Garcia Johnson said, "I'm Extremely happy about the change because it's further inclusive & it promotes equality.

What time are the Golden Globe Awards? Here's everything you necessity to know

The 75th Golden Globe Awards kick off the 2018 awards season on Sunday. The formal red-carpet pre-display begins at three p.m. Pacific & could be live-streamed on the Golden Globes' formal fb page. 75th Golden Globe Awards promo by Seth MeyersNBC often taps its marquee talent to host the boozy, often no-holds-barred event. Johnson is too on hand because his daughter Simone Garcia Johnson was named the inaugural Golden Globe ambassador, a title formerlyreferred to as Miss Golden Globe. For our full coverage of this year's Golden Globe Awards, go to

What time are the Golden Globe Awards? Here's everything you need to know

2018 Golden Globes live stream: the method to watch on-line Sunday's 75th annual Golden Globe Awards

referring to Seth Meyers ("Late Night") hosts the Golden Globe Awards live on NBC beginning at five p.m. PT/eight p.m. Cable & satellite subscribers going to once once more be enable to of watch the 3-hour event on the NBC app. Producers havn't yet uncovered who going to present the tribute to Oprah Winfrey, the 2018 recipient of the honorary Cecil B. DeMille Award. Be sure to make your Golden Globe predictions Extremely which Hollywood insiders could see the method their films & performers are faring in our odds. & join in the fierce debate over the 2018 Golden Globes taking place right This time by Hollywood insiders in our Television forums.

Meet Simone Garcia Johnson — The Rock's daughter & the premier Golden Globe Ambassador

On Sunday, January seventh during the Golden Globes telecast, the world going to meet Simone Garcia Johnson. Who is Simone Garcia Johnson? Well, she's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's 16-year-old daughter & the premier-ever Golden Globe Ambassador. In Former years, the Globes would handpick the Kids of famous actors & actresses for the coveted title of Mr. or Miss Golden Globe — final year's Miss Golden Globes were Sylvester Stallone's 3 daughters. Garcia Johnson tells the Fresh genderless moniker (Golden Globe Ambassador) is a welcomed change.

Meet Simone Garcia Johnson — The Rock's daughter and the first Golden Globe Ambassador

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