Simone Garcia Johnson Golden Globes Ambassador QandA

Simone Garcia Johnson: "It was surreal. My parents told me on my 16th birthday. Then to find out later which I was will be the premier ever Golden Globes Ambassador. It's truly something special. I feel such as this display is will be particularly special by the movements & all the ladies coming together.

Rock Daughter Simone Garcia Johnson Golden Globe Ambassador

however for Sunday's display , the position has been renamed to the Golden Globe Ambassador — & the organizers decided to go by true Hollywood (& potentially political) royalty: Simone Garcia Johnson, the 16-year-old daughter of the Rock. "I wish which 1 of the reasons the reason I was selected is because I do speak out on issues which some people are afraid to speak out on," Garcia Johnson said. The Times too notes which the renaming of the position from Miss Golden Globe to Golden Globe Ambassador reflects the award display 's move toward inclusivity. The Fresh role too expands beyond the ceremony itself, & going to have Garcia Johnson serving as an ambassador for the Hollywood Foreign Press's philanthropic efforts throughout the year. Garcia Johnson said, "I'm Extremely happy about the change because it's further inclusive & it promotes equality.

Rock Daughter Simone Garcia Johnson Golden Globe Ambassador

Hugh Jackman, Kit Harrington, Dwayne Rock Johnson Wore Montblanc Wristwatches To 2018 Golden Globes

as declared in Brand ambassador Hugh Jackman, who was nominated for best performance with an actor in a motion photo for The Greatest Showman, wore a Montblanc Heritage Spirit Pulsograph as well as Montblanc Gold Knot cufflinks. Other actors who wore watches at the ceremony involve William H. Macy (Montblanc Tradition Automatic), presenter Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Joseph Fiennes (Montblanc Star Classique), & Bill Pullman (Montblanc Heritage Spirit Perpetual Calendar). Armie Hammer & Denzel Washington likewise wore Montblanc timepieces. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/MontblancSinger & actor Nick Jonas & actor Milo Venitmiglia both wore Montblanc's Essential Sartorial cufflinks. Actor Garrett Hedlund wore the Montblanc Red Gold Onyx cufflinks & the Montblanc Heritage Chronometrie Ultra Slim watch.

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