Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About His mother's Suicide Attempt

Actor & wrestler Dwayne Johnson unlocked up about his memories of his mom's suicide attempt in a strongInstagram post Thursday. In a caption by a picture showing Johnson filming a scene in a graveyard for his HBO comedy display , "Ballers," Johnson said which the display 's fictional suicide reminded him of his mom, Ata, who attempted suicide many decades ago. "Got me thinkin' though bout the method many of America have been influenced by suicide of our friends, family. "We've all been there on some standard or another.""My mom tried to check out while I was 15. Johnson's dad, who was too a wrestler & often had to move for his job, relocated the family from California to Tennessee.

five reasons Dwayne Johnson is availiable for Ninja Warrior

We freaked out (just a tad) while the break news broke which Dwayne Johnson not just loves American Ninja Warrior, however he's partnering by the producers of the display on a Fresh project, The Titan Games. We built a huge American Ninja Warrior style obstacle course for #BAYWATCH. speculation who was faster than me.. https://t.co/lzZSNephR3 — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) March nine, 20162.) There's A LOT which goes into being a successful Ninja Warrior; grip power , endurance, cardio, etc. Extremely , Dwayne Johnson, allow'S DO THIS.

5 reasons Dwayne Johnson is ready for Ninja Warrior

It's Dwayne Johnson versus. the world's tallest building in premier Skyscraper trailer

according to however This time, he's facing off by the world's tallest building, that too happens to be on blaze. After airing a spot during Sunday's Super Bowl, Global launched the premier complete trailer for Skyscraper. Written & directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (Central Intelligence), the film stars Johnson as going to Ford, a U.S. war veteran & skyscraper safety adviser, who is on assignment in China. "You've built the tallest, generality features building in the world," Ford says the building's owners. Watch the trailer at the highest of this post, & the shorter Super Bowl spot above.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

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