Watch: Dwayne Johnson Has Another Smash On His Hands In the Fresh Rampage Trailer

It is indeed Sony's 3rd top-grossing film of all time, & the 49th top-grossing movie ever. & it looks such as The Rock has another smash on his hands in the 2nd complete-length trailer for Warner Bros.' Rampage. Highly likely which film's $900 mn haul had something to do by this. This film reunites Johnson by director Brad Peyton next the success of 2015's earthquake thriller San Andreas. What's your favorite Dwayne Johnson movie to date?

'Rampage': Dwayne Johnson Is Back to keep the World in Fresh Trailer (vidimus)

'Rampage': Dwayne Johnson Is Back to keep the World in Fresh Trailer (vidimus) Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Malin Akerman, Joe Manganiello, Jason Liles & Naomie Harris too starImage one of / one Caption lock Image one of one 'Rampage': Dwayne Johnson Is Back to keep the World in Fresh Trailer (vidimus) one / one Back to GalleryDwayne Johnson is back to keep the world in the Fresh trailer for Fresh Line Cinema's "Rampage.""Rampage" is based on the 1980s vidimus game & going to feature 3 monsters who are wreaking havoc across North US — Johnson is the just wish of stopping them. In the trailer, Johnson & his friends come across a giant gorilla named George (played by Jason Liles), that Johnson's character has known ever ever the ape was two years old. The thriller reunites Johnson, Fresh Line, Maker Beau Flynn & Peyton, who too worked together on "Journey two: The unclear Island."too Read: 'Rampage:' Dwayne Johnson Rings in Independence Day by Determine PhotoRyan Engle wrote the original screenplay. "allow's go keep the world," Johnson tells in the trailer. Read original story 'Rampage': Dwayne Johnson Is Back to keep the World in Fresh Trailer (vidimus) At TheWrap

'Rampage': Dwayne Johnson Is Back to Save the World in New Trailer (Video)

Fresh Trailer: 'Rampage,' Starring Dwayne Johnson

according to PhotoLike George, the silverback gorilla his primatologist character befriends in the Fresh movie "Rampage," Dwayne Johnson only saves getting bigger. The latest trailer advanced Fresh picture of George as well as other creatures which swell to Godzilla-such as proportions & wreak havoc. It too includes Mr. Johnson's trademark sly, lifted-eyebrow humor: "Of course, the wolf flies," he deadpans of 1 monster. "allow's go keep the world," Mr. Johnson's gorilla whisperer announces. It's a secure bet which Mr. Johnson going to succeed — & keep the worldwide box office once more while "Rampage" invades theaters on April 20.

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